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Design Daily & Renderings

Materials: N/A

Processes: 3D Design, 3D Rendering

Tools: Fusion 360, Blender

About: The goal of this project is to design and render something every day for a month. I wanted to move quickly, ignore technical rabbit holes, and go from idea to rendering as quickly as possible. Call this process digital sketching. I often find myself jumping into an idea and immediately getting dragged into technical minutiae. This project allows me to quickly and efficiently explore ideas, while identifying and skipping over large technical issues.


Case in point: the watch case. Creating the basic components is easy. The case, the back, the dial, the hands and crown are all fairly straightforward parts -- but when you really look at them, they all go a mile deep. What thread to use on the case/back? How to seal the crown? What clearances do you need between the movement, the case, and the case back? Lets ID these and keep moving. 

Conclusion: Halfway through this project, I feel that my modeling skills have grown more quickly than ever before. Being able to work on a higher assembly level and focus on aesthetics has really strengthened new design muscles. I have also found that rendering is an amazing world that combines a personal passion for photography with 3D modeling and design. More to come...

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